Headline News

Trump Expected to Back Deal

One day after EPA released a Renewable Fuel Standard proposal that disappointed agriculture and biofuels groups, Iowa industries called on President Donald Trump to make sure the biofuels deal is implemented.

2020 Dicamba Showdown

So far, EPA and dicamba registrants seem prepared to accept Illinois' new dicamba restrictions, which suggests other states may follow suit.

Market Matters Blog

DTN's weekly average spot price for domestic distillers dried grains was $1 per ton lower at $141 per ton.

View From the Cab

The streams may have been swollen throughout much of the grain belts this year, but DTN's View From the Cab farmers are bent for leather to get this crop out of the field.

Future Global Food Gap Remains

The Global Agricultural Productivity Index, released annually at the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue, shows a spread between projected production and demand. Agricultural Total Factor Productivity, (TFP) is growing globally at a rate of 1.63% annually yet the growth needs to rise 1.73% annually to sustain the needs of a larger population at mid-century.

USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report

Corn harvested was 22% this week, 14 percentage points behind the five-year average. Soybeans were 85% dropping leaves, 8 percentage points behind average, and soybeans harvested was 26%, 23 percentage points behind average.

Family Business Matters

Set examples for future generations by embracing values over assets.

Cash Market Moves

The Surface Transportation Board recently announced it is issuing a series of decisions on demurrage and accessorial rules and charges, a long-standing issue that has been slow to resolve.


How should a worker be paid? The answer is sometimes not black and white.