Headline News

Dicamba Know-How

It's time to brush up on the challenging realities of spraying dicamba safely.

Coronavirus Actions Puts Strain on Ag

Farmers' struggle during uncertain economic times is being made more difficult by measures taken in response to COVID-19.

Todd's Take

Uncertainty is frustrating, but important to acknowledge when looking at markets. In the case of corn, the outlook for prices is both bearish and highly uncertain.

EPA Drops Compliance Order on Sacketts

The EPA has ended an administrative compliance order for an Idaho landowner who was to have allegedly violated the Clean Water Act.

LL GT27 Beans Get a Herbicide

EPA registered BASF's Alite 27 herbicide for use on LL GT27 soybeans, but only in select counties in some states.

Call the Market

Although ranchers would welcome a day off here and there, they are thankful to have something to do in these uncertain times. While other industries are completely shut down and workers are sent home to weather the storm, cattlemen are outside, tending to their livestock as they always would.

Russ' Vintage Iron

A Vintage Iron reader from Kentucky shares a story about his 1949 Model D Leader tractor.

Dueling USDA Corn Estimates

Why the corn market didn't end report day with a big change.

Coronavirus Alters Live Sales

Sale barns and auctioneers continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how they operate is considerably different. Large crowds usually associated with these sales have been replaced with just buyers and auction staff, and in some cases, the entire auction has been moved to an online setting.