About Terral Seed

Terral Seed, a leading research and marketing seed company, was founded on the principle of bringing hybrids and varieties that are adapted for our unique southern soils and climates. The needs of the grower have always been and will continue to be our first priority.

In the past years, we have diversified our lineup by offering Pioneer Hi-Bred's REV® brand of products that we have accessed through our PROaccessSM arrangement with Pioneer.  In order to better supply you with the newest and best traits and genetics on a timely and fairly priced basis, we are changing our relationship with a major supplier.  We have reached an agreement with Pioneer to acquire the shares of Terral Seed Inc.  We will continue to operate as Terral Seed with the same faces and same great products and services but the ownerhip of the company will change.

Pioneer's vast bank of genetic material and other resources, coupled with our first rate research team, will enable Terral Seed to strengthen and grow our lineup of REV® brand products.  We see a true step change in genetic and trait values growers.

Terral Seed values the retail distribution channel.  We count on the resources that our strategic friends in retail distribution provide.  We don't re-build the wheel but lever the strengths of their large sales forces and extensive logistic systems.  We will continue this go-to-market strategy and the new ownership will help us continue to grow our business.

Terral will be part of the PROaccess business strategy which enables Pioneer to make available its seed genetics to more growers through a network of distributors, while continuing to operate as a separate entity and managed by the current management team.  Terral Seed was founded in the 1940s and has a long history of developing seed products that help provide great profit potential per acre.  Since its start, Terral has researched and developed highly adapted corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat seed products.  We are committed to continuing to do so and look forward to our relationships with all of you in the future, as we both forge ahead in this dynamic and exciting time and continue to adapt our operations to the new opportunities in agriculture.