At Terral Seed, we’ve identified hundreds of genes that significantly help our seed varieties thrive anywhere. We call it "Focused Adaptability" and it's something we take very seriously.

Increasing yields, expanding areas of cultivation and producing climate specific varieties... that's the science that keeps REV® brand hybrids and varieties from Terral Seed, and your bottom line, on top.

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Terral Seed develops hybrids and varieties with the attitude of "genetics first". With this attitude, our farmers reap the benefits. We geographically target our products to specific farming conditions such as clay soils, flood irrigation, and cotton ground to name a few.

We follow up with great disease resistance and spot on adaptation. Then, these superior seed products that contain "value added genetic yield gain" have the traits you want and need bred in. First things first. Fill a truck quicker and weigh more at the elevator. That is the name of the game and how Terral Seed grows.

IT IS OUR MISSION to be the seed company most recognized for offering superior crop genetics used by the leading producers. To employ and lead a team with the ability and character to provide producer value through a high level of service and integrity when marketing Terral Seed's superior crop genetics to our customers.

Terral Seed is a leader in introducing value-added trait corn. More importantly, our dedication to research has given you the most adapted, best performing products available. Our focus on genetics first, and traits second, will continue to provide you with superior performance in the products we sell.


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After a cool spring and wet June, producers in the Soybean Belt should be scouting for the symptoms of sudden death syndrome (SDS) in their bean fields in the next couple weeks.
Average retail fertilizer prices tracked by DTN slid lower the fourth week of July 2014, the second week in a row prices have moved lower.
A House bill would make reforms to the Endangered Species Act for the first time since 1988.


Previous Open High Low Last Change Close
Sep '14 CORN 3.5700 3.5700 3.5875 3.5400 3.5475 -0.0225
Dec '14 CORN 3.6700 3.6675 3.6825 3.6375 3.6425 -0.0275
Mar '15 CORN 3.7950 3.7925 3.8100 3.7625 3.7675 -0.0275
Aug '14 SOYBEANS 12.2450 12.2425 12.2575 12.1250 12.1300 -0.1150
Sep '14 SOYBEANS 10.9975 10.9500 10.9825 10.8175 10.8250 -0.1725
Nov '14 SOYBEANS 10.8200 10.7725 10.7975 10.6525 10.6650 -0.1550
Sep '14 WHEAT 5.3025 5.3100 5.3925 5.3050 5.3750 0.0725
Dec '14 WHEAT 5.5025 5.5025 5.5850 5.5025 5.5650 0.0625
Mar '15 WHEAT 5.7225 5.7225 5.7825 5.7225 5.7700 0.0475
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